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How to use Compass to Connect

To begin using Compass to Connect, you will be asked to provide some basic personal information such as service needs, location, and your immigration status. The website will then use this information to match you with a suitable IRCC funded Service Providing Organization (SPO).

You can search by service type, location and language to help you connect with IRCC organizations that offer the services you need. We have over 60 IRCC funded services available to you including employment supports, language assessment centres, referrals, school registration information, and much more!

This service is currently available across all GTA regions of Ontario.

Compass to Connect will guide your efforts to find and easily connect with a SPO from the comfort of your home. Compass to Connect website is designed so that you can choose SPOs that are convenient to you.

Get started!

Find services that you need on any device including laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet.
Create your profile

Complete the registration form & provide all the information needed. Your profile is confidential & will only be provided to your selected SPOs.

Select organizations by selecting which service provider organization is closer to you, speaks your language and provides services that you are looking for.
Select services

Browse through a variety of services available in your area. You can select based on location, preferred language, or service needed.

Send request to any chosen service provider organization that can help you with your questions and requests.
Select organizations & submit

Get a list of SPOs that provide the free services you need at locations convenient to you. Submit your request to the SPOs you selected!