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Settlement Counselling and Referrals:

  • Information on navigating the immigration system and how to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Learn more about the eligibility criteria, requirements, and fees to become a Canadian citizen
  • Find out what documents are needed and how to check your application status online
  • Get information on how to prepare and study for the citizenship test
Citizenship and Immigration
  • Get information in how to apply for a Canadian driver’s license
  • Find out what the requirements are if you already have a license from your home country
  • Learn the process of obtaining a license for your province
  • Processes will vary depending on province
Driver's License
  • Manage your finances and learn about Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements
  • Get referrals to tax clinics to help with your taxes
  • Receive information on what documents are required to file a tax claim
Finance and Tax
  • The Canadian Government has programs in place to ensure newcomers get the support they need as they settle into Canada
  • Learn more about these programs and meet with organizations that provide these programs and supports
Government Programs
  • Services such as primary health care (such as services from physicians or other health professionals), and care in hospitals are available across Canada
  • Learn more about the health services provided in your area
  • Receive information on the steps and processes on obtaining a health card in your province
Health Care
  • Filling out forms can be overwhelming
  • It is important to read and understand any forms that you fill out as there may be legal requirements that you need to follow
  • Receive support with filling out forms or completing applications needed during your settlement process
Help With Filling Out Forms
  • Information and resources for finding housing in Canada
  • Information on landlord laws and regulation, or any other housing related topic
  • Some organizations may offer housing programs, where you can work with a caseworker to find sustainable housing that fit your needs
Housing and Accommodation
  • Learn more about living and working in Canada
  • Topics can include geography, population, diversity, economy, labour market, housing, health, education, and learning about the Canadian lifestyle
  • Attending these sessions will assist with your transition into Canada
Life in Canada
  • Various General Information Sessions on topics, courses, programs or events that you may feel are important for you as a newcomer
  • Topics and schedules will vary by organization and location
Newcomer Information Sessions
  • Workshops and presentations for parents who want to learn more about the knowledge and skills needed to be able to raise their children in Canada
  • Various resources and programs are available for you and your children within your community
Parenting and Families in Canada
  • Project Abraham’s YES! program is a functional English language and computer literacy program designed for adult newcomers with Permanent Residence status who have barriers to learning.
  • Small online classes, customized lessons, and flexible scheduling allow those who are suffering from trauma, lack of formal education, learning disabilities, medical challenges or lifestyle restrictions to progress with language skills they are not able to access through LINC.
  • This program is available to all eligible newcomers who live in the GTA.
  • Settlement support is offered as an optional provision to those who are enrolled in the YES! program.
  • Project Abrahams YES! program is designed so that no newcomer is left behind!
Project Abraham -  YES Program
  • We also refer clients to other services in Achev on a as needed basis, such as the mentorship program, language assessment etc.
  • Referrals for programs for women including community based counselling and support services for women and dependents who have experienced trauma in their lives
  • Support the development of a personal safety plan for women and their dependents to confirm their immediate safety away from abuse
  • Get referred to professionals who have specialized capacity and expertise in the area of services to newcomer women experiencing domestic abuse
Referrals for Women's Programs
  • Access to our weekly webinars and sessions including recorded webinars, on-demand sessions, workshops, and featured articles

Community Services:

  • A guided integration session is provided for newcomers
  • Clients will be offered an opportunity to visit museums, botanic gardens, legislative building Ontario, Gardiner Museum and Eately etc.
  • Interpretation and guides are provided to assist client understanding ON culture, government, and arts
City Tours and Museum Visiting
  • Events, activities and programs available in your area
  • Meet new people
  • Connect with Canadian citizens, employers, community organizations, and public institutions
  • Events could include employment workshops, religious gatherings, community events, educational sessions and more
  • Use these events to gain Canadian cultural awareness
Community Events and Activities
  • Get more information about what is happening in your community
  • Get referrals to different events, religious gatherings, or information sessions happening in your area
  • Use these services to get to know your new community and the people around you
  • This will help you meet new people, learn new things and make new experiences
Community Service Referrals
  • Get matched with a volunteer in the community who will help you understand the day to day activities in your community
  • Newcomers can learn more about using public transit systems, grocery stores, and other social and cultural groups
  • You can also choose to volunteer in this program and give back to the community by helping other newcomers learn more about their community
Newcomer Connections
  • Interact with people who share similar interests and hobbies
  • Clubs could include book clubs, movie nights, sports, social talk sessions, and more
  • Joining a club can help you meet new people, learn new skills, gain experiences, and improve your confidence
Social groups/clubs
  • Give back to your society and gain Canadian experiences through volunteering
  • Set aside a few hours of your week to volunteer
  • This will help you understand the Canadian work culture, and allow you to practice your technical and communication skills
  • Build a network and get meaningful Canadian professional references for your future job searches
Volunteer Opportunities

Education and Training:

  • Learn how to process regular sales, scanning, applying discounts, clearance sale items and returns
  • Master the language needed to be successful in a sales position
  • Have your retail and employment related questions answered
  • Certificate of attendance is given on completion of the workshop
Cash Register Training
  • Various resources, organizations and services dedicated to educating users on computer-related topics
  • Topics could include basic computer skills, keyboard training, Microsoft Office training, job search on the computer, accessing e-mails, and safety on the internet
  • Some organizations will provide in-house courses or classes, or referrals to other organizations, to help with your learning
Computer Training
  • Program for immigrant women to work on their digital literacy
  • Learn essential computer skills to help you with your job search and daily life activities
  • This program includes online classes that can help you improve basic vocabulary and learn the terms related to digital and media technology
Digital and Media Literacy Training for Women
  • General information about various resources, schools and tips regarding education
  • General advice for attending school in Canada
  • Learn more about Canadian culture in schools and the different types of education you can receive
  • Attend information sessions about different post-secondary schools and programs offered
Education Information and Referrals
  • Information sessions about the educational systems throughout Canada
  • Learn about different curriculums, schedules, and other general information on the education systems
  • Go through the options of the different types of schools available
Educational system in Canada
  • Assistance with registering youth for elementary, middle, or high school
  • Ensure your child is properly registered and able to attend school
  • Learn about the documents needed to register your child for school, and the process involved
Elementary/High School Registration
  • Learn the importance of the certificate and get the PIN and the password for the online training
  • Learn the basic principles of First Aid & CPR-Level C/HCP and AED
  • Attend in-person practical sessions
  • Obtain the certificate of completions
Standard First Aid and CPR-Level C/HCP with AED Registration Session
  • Learn the importance of WHMIS certificate for employment
  • Recognize the WHMIS symbols and their meaning
  • Understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and workplace labels
  • Take measures to protect yourself with hazardous material
Workplace Hazard Material Information System (WHMIS) Certificate


  • A new program designed to provide workplace training and job opportunities in child care settings. Over 90% of participants are offered employment upon completion of program.
  • 4-week employment training, introduction to child care centres, policy, and procedures, Certification in CPR/First Aid
  • 16-week work placement & One-on-one mentorship
  • Eligibility requirements include having experience in teaching or childcare and a post secondary education, eligibility to work in Canada (Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee), CLB 6 or higher
Bridge to Work ECE Program
  • A new program designed to provide visible minority newcomer women with enhanced access to the labour market
  • 2-week classroom style course that will allow participants to gain the skills they need in order to be successful in the Canadian workforce
  • Includes useful tools such as information on the Canadian job market, job search support, portfolio and resume building, networking and more
  • Eligibility requirements include eligibility to work in Canada (Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee), CLB 7 or higher, and be a visible minority woman
Career Pathways for Women
  • Build your professional network, learn about career opportunities
  • Network and develop professional connections in your chosen field
  • Learn new information on your industry and occupation
  • Understand the Canadian workplace culture
  • Eligibility includes one year of post-secondary education outside of Canada and a minimum CLB 6
  • Prospective newcomers must be legally entitled to work in Canada and be motivated and committed to building your professional network
Connector Program
  • Program designed for newcomers who had careers in Information Technology, or healthcare, with a CLB 7 or higher, looking for a career in Health Informatics
  • Training for courses such as The Canadian Healthcare System, Information Technology, and soft skills needed in the workforce
  • Receive one-on-one employment supports, job shadows, interview opportunities, and information on the healthcare sector
Digital Health Careers
  • Meet with someone who can provide you with information on employment in Canada
  • Get information on programs that can help you find a new job
  • Work with someone to meet your employment goals
  • Get help with looking for your first Canadian job
Employment Information and Referrals
  • Learn how you can create and use a LinkedIn account
  • Learn Twitter and practice tweeting
  • Get valuable tips on how to use Social Media in job searching
  • Answer any of your questions and concern
Enhance Your Job Search Using Social Media
  • Learn about safe food handling, including food sanitation, food related hazards, hygiene and food handling practices and regulations used within the food sector
  • Prepare and take the Food Handler Certification exam
  • If you pass the exam, you will be a certified Food Handler for five years which is useful if you want to work in the food sector
  • Work with professionals who can provide you with job search tools and tips, or co-ops and job placements
Food Handlers Training
  • Get support with the stress of finding a job after moving to Canada
  • Learn more about the Canadian Labour Market, employment information, Canadian workplace culture and job opportunities
  • Participate in group networking sessions
  • Attend workshops and seminars to help with your job search
Group Mentorship Program
  • Program for newcomers who are international medical graduates looking to pursue a medical career in Canada
  • Receive information on how to get your independent practice license, and prepare for your Medical Council of Canada exams
  • Participate in activities like self-study groups with IMG mentors, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, information sessions and more
International Medical Graduates Group
  • Prepare for interviews and learn how to answer questions that are typically asked during interviews
  • Increase your chances of getting a job offer for your next interview
  • Meet with professionals who can teach you different skills to ensure you are going into your next interview prepared and ready to impress the employer
Interview Techniques
  • Attend workshops that will help you through the process of finding a job in Canada
  • Meet with professionals who can provide you with tips and tricks on how to do a successful job search
  • Learn about resumes and interview skills
  • Get more information about how to find out what jobs are available in your area
Job Search Skills and Workshops
  • Understand what different types of employment opportunities are available
  • Learn what skills you need to be able to obtain employment
  • Get more information about the Canadian Labour Market to assist with your job search and ensure a smooth and easy transition into the Canadian workforce
Labour Market Access
  • Enhanced Language Training (ELT) is a program designed to provide language training to newcomers to help them find and keep jobs that match their skills and qualifications
  • This program is useful for professionals and tradespeople who obtained their education internationally
  • Includes in-class training on communication skills, interview skills, resume building, and more tools helpful for your job search
  • A co-op placement in your professional field is included, to provide you with Canadian work experience
Language Training for Professionals with Co-op
  • The Mentoring Partnership provides internationally educated new immigrants with the chance to be mentored by a working professional in their field of expertise
  • Coaches will assist clients by recruiting, registering, and coaching clients, and then matching them with a mentor
  • Mentors will be available to help you prepare and conduct your job search
  • This program is delivered in partnership with TRIEC
Mentoring Program for Internationally Educated Professionals
  • A research project (funded by IRCC) to assist Visible Minority Newcomer Women with little or no previous work experience, who are open to entry-level careers in the high-demand Commercial Cleaning and Institutional Food Service (Catering) industries
  • 4-week classroom training to prepare newcomer women for a successful career and job readiness
  • 12-week paid job-placement with a professional company in Commercial Cleaning or Food Service within Peel Region
  • Available to newcomer women with Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee status with minimum CLB 4
Milestones to Employment for Women
  • Learn program details and benefits of the program
  • Learn the responsibilities of a Home Child Care Provider
  • Learning the insides of working with children, parents and community organizations
  • Receive registration forms and the questionnaire to apply to the program
  • Obtain a certificate upon completion of the training
Mothercraft Home Based Child Care
  • In this program, you can connect with virtual employment and information specialist from anywhere in Ontario.
  • You can obtain information and resources on employment, settlement, resumes and cover letters critiques, mock interviews, and other free online tools
One-on-one Counselling
  • An employment program for youth ages 15-29
  • You will receive paid in-class training for 6 weeks and a paid job placement for 10 weeks
  • You must be legally entitled to work in Canada to participate in this program
  • All participants must commit to the full 16 week program
  • Interested participants MUST be a Permanent Resident of Canada to qualify for this program
Paid Employment Program for Youth between 15-29 years old
  • Learn and appreciate the strengths and pitfalls of your personality and its impact on your career success
  • Understand your core work needs and the motivations driving your career choices
  • Become aware of your workplace communication style
  • Enhance your team and work relationships with others
Personality @ Work
  • Meet and connect with other professionals in the area
  • Professional networking can help match you with an established professional in Canada for a one-on-one, occupation specific, mentoring relationship
  • A strong mentoring partnership can help you build professional connections, learn about corporate culture and help you gain labour market insights in your field of employment
  • Networking can also lead to different opportunities to help you grow as a professional
Professional Networking
  • Develop the essential skills needed for working in a business environment: Verbal communication and written communication in the workplace
  • Learn data management and record keeping
  • Get to know office protocol and business etiquette
  • Learn about preparing, organizing meetings and making travel arrangements
Professional Office Administration Program
  • Programs for all immigrant newcomers, including refugees, who already have a combination of post-secondary education and work experience, and a high level of English proficiency
  • Offer fast access to training and support so that an internationally trained newcomer can get a license or certificate to help them find meaningful employment
  • Newcomers must have a post-secondary certificate and have international work experience in a profession or trade
  • Minimum CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) requirement varies between CLB 5 and CLB 8
Referrals to Bridging Programs
  • Get support in creating and editing your resume to suit a specific job or goal you may have
  • Different countries have different standards when it comes to creating a resume, learn how to make a Canadian standard resume
  • Learn more about the basics of creating a resume fit for your Canadian job search
  • Attend workshops, or work one-on-one with a skilled professional trained to create resumes
Resume Preparation
  • Rural Employment Initiative (REI) is a program designed to connect newcomers with employment opportunities available in the rural areas of Ontario
  • Ideal for newcomers willing to relocate from the GTA to rural areas
  • Connect with local job opportunities and residence option in rural communities
  • Gain further knowledge about life in Canada, and be part of a smaller Canadian community with more opportunities for economic growth
  • Community resources to assist with settlement issues will be available
Rural Employment Opportunities
  • Learn the importance of the Smart Server certificate to work in an environment related to alcohol
  • Get the PIN and the password for the online training
  • Get ready to learn with short videos, quizzes, text/audio, activities, and games
  • Obtain the certificate upon completion training and exam
Smart Serve Training for Women
  • Learn more about Virtual Assistant career path
  • Improve digital and interpersonal skills
  • Information on marketing tools and professional profiles
  • Get information on networking and loans
Virtual Assistant Skill-Building Program
  • This offers 24/7 exclusive hand-picked information and resources virtually on employment and settlement information for clients anywhere in Ontario.
  • You will also have access to fact sheets on most occupations, including regulated and non-regulated occupations and external resources.
Virtual Resource Centre
  • Workforce Pathways for Women assists women with little or no previous work experience obtain meaningful employment in the senior care sector
  • 4 weeks of online training
  • 12 weeks of paid placement with a Senior Care company as an Unregulated Care Attendant, Dietary Aide and Housekeeping and on the job support throughout a 12-week placement period
  • Eligibility requirements include legally entitled to work in Canada, resident of Ontario and unemployed or underemployed
Workforce Pathways for Women in Senior Care (WP4W)
  • Learn more about Canadian culture in the workplace and workplace etiquette
  • Supports are available for individuals who are interested in learning more about workplace etiquette and ensuring they are ready to start building meaningful professional relationships with those they will be working with
  • Topics may include communication, use of humour in the workplace, dress codes, procedures and policies, and more
Workplace Etiquette

Information for Francophones:

  • Get connected with a counsellor or worker that speaks French
  • Receive information, referrals, and guidance needed for an easy settlement in Canada
  • Francophone services available will vary between organizations and locations
Referrals for French speakers

Internet Access and Free Printing:

  • Free access to your e-mail and Microsoft office programs
  • Services available for individuals who do not have access to computers or printers at home
  • Use this service to do your job search or any other searches needed to assist with your settlement in Canada
  • Limited free printing is available if you need to print any forms or documents

Language Programs:

  • Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC Classes) is a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communication skills and help them become more engaged within their communities
  • Courses include language and communication skills, and also teaches students about Canadian culture and values, and how to develop their soft skills
  • LINC classes can help newcomers adapt to their new communities, and get Canadian work experience
  • Newcomers can also build their social networks, as they will be surrounded by others going through similar experiences
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for this service. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please also select the Language Assessment Center service
English Language Training (LINC Classes)
  • This program helps with the improvement in literacy development for newcomer students and their families.
  • Enjoy class activities that will help families improve their English skills
  • This program also provides parents with knowledge, skills and attitudes to help their children in all areas of development, reflect on their own parenting styles, and also how to interact with their children using constructive approaches at home
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for this service. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please also select the Language Assessment Center service
Family Literacy Program
  • Workshops or courses to help with improving writing and communication skills
  • Courses could include classes for individuals who speak English as a second language, or French classes
  • Perfect your communication skills to communicate and interact with your community easily
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for this service. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please also select the Language Assessment Center service
Get help with your communication skills
  • Conversation circles are groups where you can practice your English, communication skills, and gain the confidence you need to be able to speak during interviews, or in the community
  • You can also learn more about the Canadian culture, traditions, and other community resources you can use to help with your settlement
  • You can interact with Canadians and understand their language, slang, and other mannerisms
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for this service. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please also select the Language Assessment Center service
Join a conversation circle
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for any language programs. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please choose this service
  • Language training has clear attainment benchmarks being used by trainers and assessors
  • Get your language skills assed by visiting a language assessment centre
  • In order to receive language training, newcomers must first visit a language assessment centre and follow the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)
Language Assessment Centres
  • Get information about programs available to help your communication skills
  • Find out about available classes to help you learn English or French
  • Learn more about Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and get connected with a Language Assessment Centre
  • Explore your options for improving your language skills
  • A language assessment is required before signing up for this service. If you have not yet taken a free language assessment please also select the Language Assessment Center service
Language Program Information and Referrals
  • To learn English from designed sessions offered by trained chef in the culinary arts
  • Smart learning environments offer rich opportunities for language learners
  • In particular, context-aware systems which allow learners’ progress to be sensed within and across an activity, enable instructed language learning to move beyond the traditional confines of the classroom walls
Learn English via Cooking
  • Clients are assisted with music therapy strategy using music and its many facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual— to help clients improve their health in cognitive, motor, emotional, communicative, social, sensory, and educational domains by using both active and receptive music experiences.
  • Client will be also be provided assistive tools to enhance English listening understanding and speaking.
Music English
    FREE Occupation-specific Language Training for newcomers to Canada with experience in Business, Health Sciences, Human Services, Skilled Trades and Technology.
  • You will learn to communicate clearly and effectively with others at work, understand Canadian workplace culture in your field, and develop strong interviewing, networking and job-search communication skills.
  • Courses are offered part-time or full-time in classroom-based or online formats. Classroom-based courses may be delivered in person or virtually. All courses are led by experienced faculty and delivered through Ontario colleges. Most courses are offered in English, and some are also offered in French.
  • OSLT/FLAP clients must be permanent residents, convention refugees or protected persons, or until March 31, 2024, Ukrainian temporary residents and their dependants in Canada. You must live in Ontario and have training or experience in a relevant occupation or sector. You also must have a valid language proficiency of at least level 5 in Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).
  • Clients who successfully complete the program will receive a college-issued OSLT credential. You will also have access to job-search support and mentorship opportunities.
Occupation-Specific Language Training
    Public Speaking…Simplified / Christopher Leadership
  • Learn how to speak clearly, concisely and confidently
  • Get to know your individual pronunciation challenges and how they prevent you from being heard and understood
  • Acquire skills to engage in conversation with anyone at any time
  • Practice how to express your thoughts logically
Public Speaking for Women
  • Art English involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or terrarium to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art
  • Art English helps clients explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability. In the same time, clients improve English skills in a relaxed way.
Teaching English through Art

Mental Wellness:

  • How good nutrition is essential to immune system performance and its ability to protect us from colds, flus and other infections
  • How to reduce downtime and feel your best through food
  • This session will empower you to take your nutrition and immune function to the next level
  • How adopting certain lifestyle habits can strengthen your immune system
Boost Your Immunity Through Food and Lifestyle Choices
  • Learn the effect of stress on our mood and how we pass this to our child
  • Get to know how to focus on the good: Acts of warmth, kindness, and caring
  • Learn and practice simple self-care techniques
  • Get in touch with the more clear-headed, problem-solving side of your empathic nature
  • How can you help children handle stress, tension, conflict
Coping Skills for Parents
  • Counselling is available through many organizations
  • If you are experiencing a crisis, or are feeling overwhelmed about your move to Canada, you can speak to an organization and seek counselling
  • Crisis counselling can help with lowering emotional pain, provide emotional support, and make sure you are safe and coping with the situation
Crisis Counselling
  • Moving and resettling in Canada can be stressful
  • Access the resources available to individuals who are dealing with stress and would like to seek help
  • Receive general counselling and create strategies to deal with the stress in your life
  • Supports are available to help you with the changes you are experiencing during your move to Canada
Dealing With Stress
  • Learn a variety of practical tools to help you develop and continue to nurture a sense of joy, compassion, and inner calm
  • Gain autonomy and independence to continue applying these techniques individually as you build Emotional Intelligence to help you develop Conflict Resolution skills
  • Learn about importance of gratitude and hoe to incorporate gratitude with life
Grateful Heart Powerful Mind
  • Free one-on-one counselling for women who are facing abuse
  • There are different categories for counselling available
  • Counselling includes Abuse and Crisis Counselling, Mental Health Counselling and Self-Esteem Coaching
Individual Counselling for Women
  • Learn self-care techniques
  • Change negative self-thoughts to positive solutions
  • Cultivate a peaceful mind
  • Increase resilience in the face of adversity
Mindfulness A Journey to Peace
  • Peer supporters are available to provided one-on-one support and mentorship to women
  • Support is available by phone, e-mail or in person
  • This service is for women facing challenges in their everyday life
Virtual Peer Support for Women
  • Learn how food can improve your mood and cognitive health
  • Get to know the impact of food and nutrition to reduce stress
  • Information on Microbiome in our bodies
  • Learn which foods to include, reduce or eliminate to eat healthy while saving money
You Are What You Eat

Programs for Seniors:

  • Participate in sports and other physical activities
  • Various activities and groups are available for seniors through our organizations
  • This is also an opportunity to meet other seniors who are also going through a similar settlement experience as you
Activities to stay healthy
  • Classes specifically for seniors where you can develop new skills and learn about various subjects
  • Subjects could include technology, photography, event planning, and more
  • Seniors can also connect and relate to other seniors coming from different backgrounds
  • Class availability varies depending on service provider
Classes on different subjects
  • Computer and internet classes for seniors who are interested in learning basic computer skills
  • Classes include how to surf the web, writing and navigating through e-mails, using social media, safety on the internet, and other basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office
  • Classes are available through different organizations and are a great opportunity to learn new skills
Computer and Internet Skills
  • Support and counselling for seniors experiencing abuse
  • Connect with professionals trained to support seniors and help them cope with their situations
  • Develop strategies to help you deal with your situation
  • Receive assistance with the supports you need
Counseling for seniors facing abuse
  • Participate in activities and join a community of seniors
  • Join clubs, or attend social events or field trips where you can meet and connect with other seniors
  • Organizations have different opportunities that will allow you to interact with the different seniors in your community
Meet other seniors
  • Get more information about programs made for seniors
  • Get referrals to different programs, or classes in your area
  • Find out how to meet other seniors who have recently moved to Canada
Senior Program Information and Referrals

Programs for Youth:

  • Learn about customer service and receive certification for Customer Service Excellence
  • Get a job in the Food & Beverages Sector, book an interview with a Hiring Manager
  • Receive in-class and one-on-one language coaching, training on how to market yourself for customer service roles
Customer Service for Newcomer Youth
  • Make new friends while participating in social activities for youth
  • Activities include movie nights, sports, and field trips to meet other youth
  • Youth will have the opportunity to connect with their community, and assist with their settlement into a new environment
Fun activities to meet other youth
  • Meet with someone who can help with direction on how to complete school assignments and other homework
  • Supports are available for youth who need help with their school work through many of our organizations
Help with Homework
  • Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, especially for youth
  • Programs are available for youth that will allow them to learn about the values, traditions, and culture of Canada
  • Youth will learn about their new home and meet with other youth who are experiencing a similar transition
Learn about the Canadian Culture
  • Camps are available during the time that elementary, middle and high schools are closed for March Break or Spring Break
  • Camps can offer many different programs including adventure camps, beach volleyball, hockey, soccer, and other activities
  • This is a great way to keep youth involved during their time off school
March Break Programs
  • Camps are available during the summer to keep youth busy and active
  • Camps can provide facilities for sleeping and eating
  • Various activities are involved, including crafts, sports, and other team building exercises
  • This is a great way to meet other youth, and ensure that youth are enjoying their summer
Summer Camps
  • Workshops and presentations are available for newcomer youth
  • Various topics that are generally important to newcomer youth are discussed
  • Topics include post-secondary education, sports, art, drop ins, events, scholarships, and more
  • Availability will vary between organizations
Workshops and Information
  • Programs that teach teens how to exercise authority over themselves or others
  • Youth leadership programs allow young people to gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead civic engagement, education reform, and more
  • Join and participate in different activities that promote youth leadership
Youth Leadership

Starting a Business:

  • Work with certified business coaches and receive in-class training, and mentorship and networking opportunities
  • Learn how to build business plans, and prepare for the Canadian business culture and communication
  • Navigate the Canadian legal system and tax regulations
  • Conduct market research and create market strategies
Entrepreneurship Connections
  • Learn the basic steps for creating a business
  • Apply and practice the skills to run it
  • Evaluate if being an entrepreneur is for you
  • Gain entrepreneurial knowledge – including operations, budgeting, marketing, and managerial skills
  • Learn about resources, services and programs for self-employment
Entrepreneurship Home Based Business
  • Global Business Centre (GBC) is a program designed for business-minded newcomers who are interested in starting a new business or startup in Canada
  • The program will include 8-weeks of in-class sessions, and includes mentoring and one-on-one consultations
  • Coaching and guidance for your business development will be provided
  • This is a great opportunity for newcomers who have previously run businesses in their home countries prior to moving to Canada
Global Business Centre
  • Rural Business Development Initiative (RBDI) is a program designed to assist newcomer entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other business-minded individuals develop businesses outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Newcomer entrepreneurs within the GTA will be connected with rural business opportunities
  • This program is ideal for newcomers willing to relocate outside of the GTA into rural areas
  • Services include connecting with officials from the rural municipalities, economic development offices, commercial realtors and other relevel stakeholders
Rural Business Development Initiative