Youth Programs for March Break!

Date: March, 2023

At Compass to Connect, we have a dedicated number of services to support newcomer youth. We are committed to providing a virtual safe space and welcoming environment to help you grow your skills in Canada.

  • Customer Service for Newcomer Youth

    In-class and one-on-one language coaching, training on how to market yourself for customer service roles

  • Fun Activities to Meet other Youth

    Make new friends while participating in social activities for youth

  • Help with Homework

    Supports are available for youth who need help with their school work through many of our organizations

  • Learn about the Canadian Culture

    Youth will learn about their new home and meet with other youth who are experiencing a similar transition

  • March Break Programs

    Camps are available during the time that elementary, middle and high schools are closed for March Break or Spring Break

  • Summer Camps

    Camps are available during the summer to keep youth busy and active

  • Workshops and Information

    Topics include post-secondary education, sports, art, drop ins, events, scholarships, and more

  • Youth Leadership

    Young people gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead civic engagement, education reform, and more

We hope these opportunities help you build your new life in Canada!

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