Your first week in Canada!

Date: September, 2022

Welcome to your new home, you have made it! is available to make your transition smooth, provide you with all the information, and support you to settle in Canada well. There are several settlement services providing organizations in your community you can connect with to guide you well.

Here are some services that you may find useful during your first few days in Canada:

Help with filling out forms

You will need to apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN), apply for a Permanent Resident Card if applicable, and get for Health Card and other relevant documents you may need to confirm your status in Canada. Further, you can receive support to get a local cell phone plan.

Grateful Heart, Powerful Mind

It is natural to feel tired and jet-lagged. You are still getting used to the time zone, weather conditions, and new environment. Give yourself time to learn some practical tools to help you develop and nurture a sense of joy, compassion, and inner calm.

Housing and Accommodation

With the support of experienced settlement counselors, you may receive information and resources to find housing in Canada. Also, information related to landlord laws and regulations, or any other housing-related topic that may be beneficial to you.

Newcomer Connections

Get matched with a volunteer in the community who will help you understand the day to day activities in your community. Newcomers can learn more about using public transit systems, grocery stores, and other social and cultural groups.

Finance and Tax

Manage your finances in Canada by opening a bank account, and understand how to manage your bills and credit cards as they are important to show your financial stability.

City Tours and Museum Visiting

You are in a country full of beautiful landscapes and places you can explore. This is a guided integration session provided for newcomers with opportunities to visit museums, botanic gardens, legislative buildings in Ontario, Gardiner Museum, and Eately.

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