Happy new year & 2023 resolutions

Date: January 2023
<h1 class="col-12 col-lg-10">Happy new year &amp; 2023 resolutions</h1>

Compass to Connect team wishes you and yours a joyous 2023! A warm welcome to newcomers who have just arrived and who are looking for government-funded settlement services. Every year many people set up new year’s resolutions to improve their lives during the year. At compasstoconnect.ca, we have compiled some of our popular services that may help improve your lives by accessing FREE employment information, language training assessment and classes, education and training for skills development, mental wellness program, and many more.

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Interview techniques

Prepare for interviews and learn how to answer questions that are typically asked during interviews. Increase your chances of getting a job offer for your next interview. Meet with professionals who can teach you different skills to ensure you are going into your next interview prepared and ready to impress the employer

Volunteer opportunities

Give back to your society and gain Canadian experiences through volunteering. Set aside a few hours of your week to volunteer. This will help you understand the Canadian work culture, and allow you to practice your technical and communication skills. Build a network and get meaningful Canadian professional references for your future job searches

English Language Training (LINC Classes)

Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC Classes) is a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communication skills and help them become more engaged within their communities. Courses include language and communication skills, and also teach students about Canadian culture and values, and how to develop their soft skills. LINC classes can help newcomers adapt to their new communities, and get Canadian work experience

Government programs

The Canadian Government has programs in place to ensure newcomers get the support they need as they settle into Canada. Learn more about these programs and meet with organizations that provide these programs and supports

Food Handlers Training

Learn about safe food handling, including food sanitation, food-related hazards, hygiene, and food handling practices and regulations used within the food sector. Prepare and take the Food Handler Certification exam. If you pass the exam, you will be a certified Food Handler for five years which is useful if you want to work in the food sector. Work with professionals who can provide you with job search tools and tips, or co-ops and job placements

Standard First Aid and CPR-Level C/HCP with AED registration session

Learn the importance of the certificate and get the PIN and the password for the online training. Learn the basic principles of First Aid & CPR-Level C/HCP and AED. Attend in-person practical sessions. Obtain the certificate of completion

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