Happy Lunar New Year

Date: January 2023

We want to wish newcomers who celebrate this lunar new year. May this year bring you and your family joy, peace, and prosperity. Through compasstoconnect.ca, we want to highlight the key features and services we have for newcomers who are fluent in Vietnamese.

Compasstoconnect.ca offers support in the Vietnamese language in two ways. To begin with, you can use our translation option on the top-right corner of our homepage to change the language for easy navigation.
Two, once you create your profile, make sure to select language of service as Vietnamese.
The search result will filter out Service Providing Organizations who can speak to you in Vietnamese.

Many events happen in the communities in which you can be a part of. Many newcomers find this service useful to celebrate festivals. Further, there are social groups to interact with your communities related to your interests to have talk sessions and more.

From Compass to Connect team, we wish you a prosperous Lunar New Year!

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