Happy Canada Day

Date: June 2023
Happy Canada Day

We wish you a Happy Canada Day! As a newcomer to Canada, this is a perfect opportunity to connect with others, explore new services, and join the Canada Day celebrations!

Here are some of the free services we offer:

  • Housing and Accommodation:

    Information and resources for finding housing in Canada, Information on landlord laws and regulations, or any other housing related topic

  • Legal and Social Services:

    Get educated on the Canadian legal system, Learn about what affects you as a newcomer, and Learn more about social services dedicated to newcomers

  • Job Search Assistance:

    Get help finding job opportunities that match your skills and experience

  • Government Programs:

    Access support and guidance to receive government programs to help you settle into your new community

  • Newcomer Connections:

    Get matched with a volunteer in the community who will help you understand the day to day activities in your community

  • Social groups or clubs:

    Interact with people who share similar interests and hobbies, Clubs could include book clubs, movie nights, sports, social talk sessions, and more

In addition, we have some exciting events lined up to celebrate you in Canada:

Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to connect, learn, and celebrate Canada Day. Visit our website at compasstoconnect.ca today and register for our free services and events.

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