Enjoy the Canadian Summer

Date: May 2023
Enjoy the Canadian Summer

As a newcomer, take advantage of this exciting season to explore places close to your home, attend cultural events, and enjoy different cuisines. Make the most of the upcoming long weekend for Victoria Day, be a part of your local community, connect with fellow newcomers and create long lasting memories as you embrace unique experiences during this season. So grab your sunscreen and enjoy with your loved ones during this long weekend.

Sign up today with compasstoconnect.ca and discover many unique services we have for you. Some of the services you can start with are given below.

  • City Tours and Museum Visit:

    Check out this service for a guided tour around Toronto’s attractive locations like musuems, botanic gardens, legislative building, Gardiner Museum.

  • Summer Camps:

    This is available during the summer to keep youth busy and activities include crafts, sports and other team building excercises.

  • Community Events and Activities:

    Connect with employers, community organizations, and public institutions through various events and activities in your area.

  • Social Groups and Clubs:

    Interact with people who share similar interests and hobbies to improve your confidence and gain new skills and experiences.

Upcoming Events

Visit our website at compasstoconnect.ca to register for other services.

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