Enjoy Family Day 2023

Date: May 2024
<h2 class="text-center">Upcoming Events</h2>

Enjoy some quality time with your Family this long weekend. Visit compasstoconnect.ca, for some family focused services that you will find beneficial.

Parenting and Families in Canada

Workshops and presentations for parents who want to learn more about the knowledge and skills needed to be able to raise their children in Canada. Various resources and programs are available for you and your children within your community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Give back to your society and gain Canadian experiences through volunteering. Set aside a few hours of your week to volunteer. This will help you understand the Canadian work culture, and allow you to practice your technical and communication skills. Build a network and get meaningful Canadian professional references for your future job searches.

Workplace Hazard Material Information System (WHMIS) Certificate

Learn the importance of WHMIS certificate for employment. Recognize the WHMIS symbols and their meaning. Understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and workplace labels. Take measures to protect yourself with hazardous material.

Connector Program

Build your professional network and learn about career opportunities in your chosen field. Eligibility includes one year of post-secondary education outside of Canada and a minimum CLB 6. Prospective newcomers must be legally entitled to work in Canada and be committed to building your professional network.

Paid Employment Program for Youth between 15-29 years old

An employment program for youth ages 15-29. You will receive paid in-class training for 6 weeks and a paid job placement for 10 weeks. You must be legally entitled to work in Canada to participate in this program. All participants must commit to the full 16 week program. Interested participants MUST be a Permanent Resident of Canada to qualify for this program.

Mindfulness: A Journey to Peace

Learn self-care techniques. Change negative self-thoughts to positive solutions. Cultivate a peaceful mind. Increase resilience in the face of adversity.

Visit compasstoconnect.ca to access more services and events

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