How can you make your resume stand out with employers

Date: April 2024

One of the first things newcomers to Canada tend to do is to send out the same resume to several employers and then expect interview calls to come through. But the reality is quite different, and we’re here to help you understand how the Canadian hiring process works. Consider the following services available at and customize your resume by emphasizing your skills and experiences to the right employers.

Resume Preparation

Get support in creating and editing your resume to suit a specific job or goal you may have. Different countries have different standards when it comes to creating a resume, learn how to make a Canadian standard resume. Learn more about the basics of creating a resume fit for your Canadian job search. Attend workshops, or work one-on-one with a skilled professional trained to create resumes.

Interview Techniques

Prepare for interviews and learn how to answer questions that are typically asked during interviews. Increase your chances of getting a job offer for your next interview. Meet with professionals who can teach you different skills to ensure you are going into your next interview prepared and ready to impress the employer.

Labour Market Access

Understand what different types of employment opportunities are available. Learn what skills you need to be able to obtain employment. Get more information about the Canadian Labour Market to assist with your job search and ensure a smooth and easy transition into the Canadian workforce.

Job Search Skills and Workshops

Attend workshops that will help you through the process of finding a job in Canada. Meet with professionals who can provide you with tips and tricks on how to do a successful job search. Learn about resumes and interview skills. Get more information about how to find out what jobs are available in your area.

One-on-one Counselling

In this program, you can connect with virtual employment and information specialist from anywhere in Ontario. You can obtain information and resources on employment, settlement, resumes and cover letters critiques, mock interviews, and other free online tools.

Virtual Resource Centre

This offers 24/7 exclusive hand-picked information and resources virtually on employment and settlement information for clients anywhere in Ontario. You will also have access to fact sheets on most occupations, including regulated and non-regulated occupations and external resources.

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