Why volunteering in Canada is good for you!

Date: July, 2022

Newcomers arriving in Canada find volunteering an ideal way to engage with the community, to improve language skills or gain work experience. Volunteering can provide newcomers with experience to find jobs, help select the right training programs, and is a way to care for your mental well-being. Compass to Connect is partnered with several service providers who can assist you in finding the right program where you get the opportunity to work voluntarily and get your first Canadian work experience.

Below are services and programs for newcomers to access volunteering opportunities and get referrals to other programs:

Volunteer opportunities

Help you understand the Canadian work culture and allows you to practice your communication skills. Build a network and get meaningful Canadian professional references for future job searches

Newcomer Connections

Get matched with a volunteer in the community who will help you with daily activities in your community. Learn about using public transit systems, and other social and cultural groups.

Community Events & Activities

Connect with Canadian citizens, employers, community organizations, and public institutions for events including employment workshops, religious gatherings, community events, and educational sessions to gain Canadian cultural awareness.

Community Service Referrals

Be referred to events, religious gatherings, or information sessions happening in your area, and use these services to get to know your new community and the people around you.

Language Training for Professionals with Co-op

This program is useful for professionals and tradespeople who obtained their education internationally.

Bridge to Work ECE Program

16-week work placement and one-on-one mentorship on workplace training and job opportunities in child care settings with certification in CPR & First Aid.

Milestones to Employment for Women

Offers 12-week paid job placement with a professional company in commercial cleaning or food service within the Peel region after 4 weeks of classroom training for eligible newcomer women.

Language Program Information and Referrals

Get information about the programs available to help with your communication skills and learn about Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).

Entrepreneurship Connections

Work with certified business coaches and receive in-class training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to build business plans and prepare for the Canadian legal system and tax regulations.

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