Looking for a Job in Canada?

Date: January, 2021

Learn Tips and Tricks to Help Start Your Job Search!

One of the first things every newcomer will need upon their arrival in Canada is a job that will suit their needs. Finding a job in Canada can appear to be difficult as since you are a new immigrant in a different job market. You will need to learn how to navigate job interviews in Canada, how to build a Canadian resume, and about Canadian workplace culture in general, among other things.

There are many government funded programs including Career Pathways for Women, Digital Health Careers, Food Handlers Careers, and more. Each IRCC funded program available for immigrant newcomers is designed to assist newcomers with their employment needs. Here are some tips and tricks that you can learn while accessing government funded employment programs:

  1. Creating a resume tailored to the Canadian job market

    Standards for resumes differ depending on where you are applying for a job. A resume you may have used in your home country may not be acceptable here in Canada. You also may not have known that resumes are more effective if you edit it to suit the job you are looking to apply for, so you may need to have multiple versions of your resume. Trained professionals are available to assist newcomers, such as yourself, in creating resumes tailored to specific job posts you are looking to apply for here in Canada.

  2. How to navigate interviews

    It does not matter where you are currently living in the world, or what job you are applying for, interviews are nerve wracking and can be confusing to navigate. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) funded workshops are available for newcomers who are looking for guidance in how to get through interviews. Learn more about building the confidence to answer difficult questions, giving a convincing elevator pitch, and what kind of questions you should be asking an employer during an interview.

  3. Using social media for your job search

    One of the biggest tools available for a job search right now is LinkedIn. Learn how to use LinkedIn to benefit you during your job search. Also learn about the how what you post on other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) can affect your job search and how to avoid that.

  4. Speak with a mentor that can help you achieve your goals

    Programs are available for newcomers who are looking for mentors currently working in the jobs they are looking for. Within these programs, you can get partnered with a professional who can assist you with your job search, give you insight on the industry and help you achieve your employment goals. You can benefit greatly from this program as you will be networking with professionals that may be able to guide you to right career path that will eventually help you find your dream job.

  5. Workplace Etiquette

    Something that can easily forgotten is workplace etiquette. Sometimes people get comfortable in their jobs and this could affect how they act or talk while at work. Depending on the type of environment you are in, it could cause a negative effect on your employment in Canada, which is not ideal. Get advice about workplace etiquette and how to build meaningful professional relationships at work.

Learn these tips and tricks and many more when you sign up for any of the employment services listed on Compass to Connect.

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