The Key to your New Home in Canada

Date: November, 2021

Where am I going to live? What documents will I need to rent? How should I make the down payment? Most of the newcomers have these and many questions running in their minds. One of the biggest concerns for newcomers is finding the right accommodation. Having traveled miles away from your home, Compass to can help you find a place you can call a home in Canada

Housing and Accommodation for Newcomers

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  1. What to look for when you are looking for a home

    There are different accommodation options you can review whether you are looking for temporary or permanent housing. Make sure you visit travel websites, and other forums to compare prices, services and facilities offered, and the location. It is always better to outline your preferences with a service provider about closest transportation, community, children’s school, and distance to your workplace so they can help you look for a specific type of accommodation and guide you on the availability.

  2. Prepare your documents to apply

    Most landowners request documents such as an employment letter; bank statements sufficient to cover rent for a few months; references from previous landowners etc. In some cases, owners request for the first and last month to be paid in advance. Services such as attestation of documents and interpretation of documents are available, if your documents need to be translated and attested to verify the content. For newcomers who find it difficult to understand the legal terms, this can be explained by a service provider.

  3. Make your application appealing to landlords

    In most cases, you will be required to fill out a rental application and submit it along with your supporting documents for approval to the landowner. You can receive support with filling out forms or completing applications to read and understand what you need to fill in and what you are agreeing to.

  4. Learn about tenant and rental rights in your province

    In Canada, every province has its own laws for rental and rights for tenants. This keeps changing especially during COVID-19, where some landowners prefer tenants to be fully vaccinated. This can be overwhelming to new immigrants who have just landed. Finding temporary and permanent accommodation can be a long process, and this is where compass to connect can help you find service centres to help with the process.

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