Start your new life with help of free government funded settlement programs

Date: March, 2021

Just moved to Canada and need help with settling in? Government funded settlement services can help you get started!

Settling in to Canada can seem like a frightening task. You have a lot to think about in terms of your new way of life. Where will I live? How will I get a job? What are my first steps? What is life in Canada really going to be like? It is normal to be scared, and it is normal to be worried about how you are going to figure it all out. Luckily, there are many government funded services designed for newcomers, such as yourself, that can help you manage your new life here in Canada.

These government programs cover a broad range of settlement services. Whether you are looking for Legal and Social Services, need more information about getting your Driver’s License or finding Health Care, looking to learn more about Life in Canada, or maybe need Help With Filling Out Forms, you have services available to you! Like many other programs, these services are all IRCC funded, which means they are free for you to access. Here are some ideas on how you can start working on your settlement needs:

  1. Meet with a Settlement Worker to find out what services are available to you

    There are many different services available free of charge to newcomers. These services have been put in place by the government to ensure that newcomers are able to access the support they need when moving to Canada. A settlement worker can guide a newcomer through these services and point them in the right direction in terms of where they can start.

  2. Look for webinars or information sessions you can attend where you can learn more about Canada, while meeting other newcomers

    Information sessions are a great place to start. Topics will vary and can be general at times, but they can give you an idea of what you will need when settling in Canada. It is also a great networking tool to meet other newcomers who may be going through a similar experience trying to settle into a new country.

  3. Get connected with social services that can help you with basic needs such as housing, or a job

    Services are available to help you access basic needs. You can get connected with a housing worker who can help find you a home to get settled in. You can also get connected with an employment worker and get assistance with finding a job.

  4. Learn more about obtaining Canadian citizenship, or any further steps needed for your immigration into Canada

    If you think you need more help navigating the immigration system in Canada, you can get connected with services that may assist you with this. Learn more about the eligibility criteria, or the next steps in your immigration, such as applying for citizenship. Find out what documents are needed and how to prepare for your citizenship test.

  5. Meet with professionals who can help you with managing your finances and teach you about Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements

    You will need to learn how to file your taxes and may need help managing your finances after first landing in Canada. You can get connected with professionals who can assist with this. Find tax clinics that can help you file your taxes, and learn more about what documents are needed to file your first tax claim.

Accessing these services will make your transition to a new life here in Canada a lot smoother. Get started now by submitting a request through Compass to Connect for any of the available Settlement Counselling and Referrals services!

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