Start your business in Canada

Date: December, 2022

Many newcomers like yourself are looking to start up a business in Canada but don’t know where to begin and how to create and operate a business successfully. Join the following programs on delivered by experts funded by the Federal government of Canada.

Entrepreneurship Connections

In this program, you will get the opportunity to work with certified business coaches and receive in-class training, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Learn how to build business plans, and prepare for the Canadian business culture and communication. Further, navigate the Canadian legal system and tax regulations and conduct market research and strategies.

Global Business Centre

This program is designed for business-minded newcomers who are interested in starting a new business startup in Canada. This includes 8 weeks of in-class sessions, mentoring, and one-on-one consultations. Coaching and guidance for your business development will be provided and is greatly beneficial for newcomers who have previous experience running a business in their home countries before moving to Canada.

Entrepreneurship Home-Based Business

Learn about the resources, services, and programs for self-employment. Apply and practice the skills to create and run a business including operations, budgeting, marketing, and managerial skills.

Rural Business Development Initiative

This program is designed to assist newcomer entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other business-minded individuals develop businesses outside of the GTA, and anyone within GTA will be connected with rural business opportunities. Ideal for newcomers willing to relocate outside GTA into rural areas, services include connecting with officials from the rural municipalities, economic development offices, commercial realtors, and other relevant stakeholders.

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