Prepare for your first winter in Canada

Date: November, 2022

For all the beauty a Canadian winter has to offer, it can be challenging if you’re not used to long winters. The key to surviving this season is by educating yourself about ways to keep warm during plunging temperatures and outdoors. Take part in community activities, dress appropriately and have fun in the snow while making sure you and your family are healthy. At, we care about your well-being and your settlement in Canada. Below are popular free services during the winter for newcomers.

Employment Information and Referrals

Meet with someone who can provide you with information on employment in Canada, get information on programs that can help you find a new job and meet your employment goals.

Citizenship and Immigration

Prepare your documents and study for the citizenship classes. Learn about navigating the immigration system and how to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Community Events and Activities

Find out about the available programs, events, and activities in your area. Meet new people and take part in employment workshops, religious gatherings, community events, and educational sessions.

English Language Training (LINC Classes)

Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC Classes) is a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communication skills and help them become more engaged within their communities.

Dealing with stress

Access the resources available to individuals who are dealing with stress and would like to seek help. Receive general counselling and create strategies to deal with the stress in your life.

Computer training

Various resources, organizations, and services are dedicated to educating users on computer-related topics. Topics could include basic computer skills, keyboard training, Microsoft Office training, job search on the computer, accessing e-mails, and safety on the internet.

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