Popular services for newcomers to Canada

Date: September, 2022

As we move from summer to fall we at compasstoconnect.ca encourage you to prepare well for the cooler weather and a new school year. Take advantage of the top 10 free settlement services this season.

Employment Information and Referrals

Meet with someone who can provide you with information on employment in Canada or work with someone to meet your employment goals

Citizenship and Immigration

Information on navigating the immigration system and how to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Learn about your eligibility, preparing for citizenship test, and how to check your application status online.

Volunteer Opportunities

Give back to your society and gain Canadian experiences through volunteering. This will help you understand the Canadian work culture and allow you to practice your technical and communication skills.

English Language Training (LINC classes)

This is a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communication skills and help them become more engaged within their communities

Workshops and Information

Workshops and presentations are available for newcomer youth. Various topics including post-secondary education, sports, art, scholarships, and more are discussed

Education Information and Referrals

General information about various resources, school and tips regarding education. Learn more about Canadian culture in schools and the different types of education you can receive.

Attestation of documents

Meet with trained professionals to help with this process and make sure you have all the necessary legal documents for your settlement in Canada

Dealing with Stress

Moving and resettling in Canada can be stressful. Access the resources available to individuals who are dealing with stress and would like to help

Rural Business Development Initiative

This is a program designed to assist newcomer entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other business-minded individuals develop businesses outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Newcomers entrepreneurs within the GTA will be connected with rural business opportunities.


Free access to your e-mail and Microsoft programs. Services available for individuals who do not have access to computers or printers at home

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