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Date: April, 2022

Are you looking for certificate training programs? Do you need workshops to improve your skills? Have any questions about services available for entrepreneurs? Or want tips on a healthy lifestyle?

Government-funded free services are available for you:

Virtual Assistant Skill-Building Program

Improve your digital and marketing skills to help with your virtual assistant career path

Workplace Hazard Material Information System (WHMIS) Certificate

This is a certificate training on WHMIS symbols, using Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and workplace labels, and taking measures to protect yourself at the workplace

Cash Register Training

Participants learn about processing regular sales, master the language needed to be a successful salesperson, and receive a certificate of attendance upon completion

Standard First Aid & CPR-Level C/HCP with AED Registration Session

Attend in-person practical sessions to learn the basic principles of First Aid & CPR-Level C/HCP and AED and obtain the certificate of completion

Public Speaking for Women

Express your thoughts clearly, concisely, and confidently. Understand your pronunciation challenges, and acquire skills to engage in conversations

Personality @ Work

Become aware of your personality and your communication style at the workplace to enhance your team and work relationships with others.

You Are What You Eat

Become informed about the impact of food and nutrition to reduce stress and learn about how food can improve your mood and cognitive health

Coping Skills for Parents

Practice simple self-care techniques, focus on the good, get in touch with your empathetic nature and help children handle stress, tension, and conflict

Professional Office Administration Program

Develop the essential skills needed for working in a business environment such as verbal and written communication, data management, record-keeping, office protocol, and business etiquette

Smart Serve Training for Women

Participants learn the importance of the Smart Server certificate to work in an environment related to alcohol and receive a certificate upon completing training and exam.

Mothercraft Home Based Child Care

Learn the responsibilities of a Home Child Care Provider, and obtain a certificate upon completion of the training

Enhance Your Job Search Using Social Media

Learn how you can create and use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and others in your job search

Entrepreneurship Home Based Business

Apply practical skills to create a business using knowledge including operations, budgeting, marketing, and managerial skills. Learn about different resources, and services available to becoming an entrepreneur

Grateful Heart, Powerful Mind

Develop conflict resolution skills by building your emotional intelligence, gaining autonomy and independence, and incorporating gratitude with life

Mindfulness: A journey to Peace

Cultivate a peaceful mind, increase resilience, change negative self-thoughts and learn self-care techniques

Boost Your Immunity Through Food and Lifestyle Choices

This workshop will empower you to maintain good nutrition essential to the immune system performance and empower you to adopt a healthy lifestyle

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