Government funded settlement services for you!

Date: October, 2020

Have questions about getting your driver's license? Looking for more information about citizenship and immigration? Or do you need help looking for health care? Government funded settlement services are available to you.

Government Programs

Access programs that the Canadian government has put in place to help you with your settlement needs! Learn more and meet with organizations offering these programs.

Driver's License

Get information on how to apply for your Canadian driver's license. Find out what the requirements are if you already had a driver's license in your home country.

Citizenship and Immigration

Information on Canada's immigration system and how to apply for citizenship. Learn more about eligibility and fees for becoming a Canadian citizen

Health Care

Need a health card? Looking for a doctor? Get more information on how to access health care in Canada.

Housing and Accommodation

Find help with looking for your new home. Learn more about landlord laws and regulation, or any other housing related topic.

Digital and Media Literacy Training

A program for women looking to work on their digital literacy. Learn essential computer skills, and work on your vocabulary.

Language Training for Professionals with Co-op

Attend a language training program that will help you find a job that matches your skills and qualifications. Includes in-class training and a co-op placement.

Access more settlement services available on Compass to Connect:

Receive clients online!

  1. IRCC funded ensures clients can connect with you remotely
  2. Continue to receive service requests from clients via the Compass to Connect Dashboard
  3. The secure Compass to Connect system enables you to send your information directly to service providers online
  4. Track clients' progress with case notes and more through the Dashboard
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