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Date: October, 2022

As you navigate your first months in Canada to settle into the community, the biggest help you can avail is from FREE Government services. Referral services provide you with information and resources to enter specialized programs, you will work with experts to meet your employment goals and have quick access to training, and language programs. Compasstoconnect.ca guides you to the right information and resources based on your specific needs.

Referrals for Women’s Program

Referrals for programs for women include community-based counselling and support services for women and dependents who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Community Service Referrals

Get referred to different events, religious gatherings, or information sessions happening in your area. This will help you meet new people, learn new things, and make new experiences.

Education Information and Referrals

Learn more about Canadian culture in schools and the different types of education you can receive. General advise for attending school in Canada and tips regarding education.

Employment Information and Referrals

Meet with someone who can provide you with information on employment in Canada, get information on programs that can help you find a new job and meet your employment goals.

Referrals to Bridging Programs

Fast access to programs for training and support so that internationally trained newcomers can get licenses or certificates to help them find meaningful employment.

Referrals for French speakers

Get connected with a counsellor or worker that speaks French, and receive information, referrals, and guidance for an easy settlement in Canada.

Language Program Information and Referrals

Find out about available classes to help you learn English or French, explore your options for improving your language and communication skills.

Senior Program Information and Referrals

Get more information about the programs made for seniors, classes in your area, and how to meet other seniors who have recently moved to Canada

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