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Date: July, 2022

Finding employment is one of the major needs for newcomers to Canada. The majority of Canada's emerging occupations to look out for are in the technology field and currently, there is a greater need for professionals in key services as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Several of these occupations are nurses, employees in food and beverage, home support, long-term care, retail store employees, social worker, medical laboratories, and paramedical occupations.

Compass to Connect offers free programs for IRCC eligible clients in various work areas. Sign up now with and update your profile with your occupation details using the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code. This will help you understand what additional skills you require to achieve your desired career while seeking mentorship support from experienced settlement workers.

The programs below are designed to enhance your skills with training and provide you with job opportunities for a successful career:

Labour Market Access

Understand what type of employment opportunities are available for your area and learn about the skills you need to obtain employment to ensure a smooth transition to the Canadian workforce.

Bridge to Work ECE program

This program provides a 4-week workplace training to eligible participants in child care centers with certification in CPR & First Aid.

Career Pathways for Women

Participants learn about the Canadian job market, job search support, and portfolio and resume building in a 2-week classroom-style course.

Group Mentorship Program

Participate in group networking sessions and attend workshops and seminars to help with your job search. Learn about the Canadian labour market, employment information, Canadian workplace culture, and job opportunities.

International Medical Graduates Group

This is a program for newcomers who are international medical graduates looking to pursue a medical career in Canada. Participants receive information on how to get an independent practice license and prepare for Medical Council of Canada exams.

Language Training for Professionals with Co-op

This program is useful for professionals and tradespeople who obtained their education internationally.

Mentoring Program for Internationally Educated Professionals

Delivered in partnership with TRIEC, this program provides internationally educated new immigrants with the chance to be mentored by a working professional in their field of expertise.

Milestones to Employment for Women

Offers 12-week paid job placement with a professional company in commercial cleaning or food service within the Peel region after 4 weeks of classroom training for eligible newcomer women.

Paid Employment Program for Youth between 15-29 years old

Youth will receive paid in-class training for 6 weeks and a paid job placement for 10 weeks.

Rural Employment Opportunities

Ideal for newcomers willing to relocate from GTA to rural areas for employment opportunities.

Professional Networking

A strong mentorship partnership where newcomers can meet other professionals and establish connections to grow as a professional.

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