Enhance your English skills with government funded language programs

Date: February, 2021

Having trouble with English? Language programs can help you work on your communication skills!

Not all newcomers to Canada can speak English perfectly as soon as they land in the country. In fact, Canada only requires your Canadian Language Benchmark to be a 4 in reading and a 5 in speaking to be able to move to Canada. To compare, CLBs can go to a 10 and above, so they do not require that much skill in the English language. However, since English is the most common language in Canada, it is still very helpful to be able to communicate in this language.

Government programs have been around for a long time to help new Canadians learn and communicate in English. These programs include Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC), Family Literacy Programs, Conversation Circles, and more. Each of these programs is funded by IRCC and is available to eligible newcomers at no cost to them. Learn more about what these programs offer to newcomers.

  1. Classes at many different levels, to make it easier for newcomers at any level to learn English

    LINC classes are a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communications skills and help them become more engaged with their communities. These programs will teach newcomers the essentials, while also teaching them about the Canadian culture. Newcomers will learn about different values in Canada, and how to develop their soft skills. These classes are available at different levels, to suit your CLB, and you can work your way up to higher levels to continue working on your English.

  2. Literacy fun for the whole family

    This program is a great option for families. It will help everyone in the family improve their literacy and communication skills together. Class activities are available that will help families improve their English skills. This is a great option that will help parents and teach them about skills and attitudes to help their children, allow parents to reflect on their parenting styles, and also teach parents how to interact with their children using constructive approaches at home, all while practicing their English skills.

  3. Workshops to help with your English skills

    Workshops are available for newcomers to access when they are available. Since they are not on a set schedule, this would work for those who are working, or are in school full-time and do not have the availability to sign up for more structured courses. The workshops can cover a broad range of topics and will get you to practice your skills outside of a classroom setting.

  4. Conversation Circles

    Conversation circles are another great way to practice your communication skills outside of a classroom setting. These conversation circles will allow you to interact with other new Canadians, which is a great way to build a network, and learn even more about Canadian culture, slang, and other mannerisms. You will also be able to practice how to speak during interviews, and other professional settings.

Regardless of which program you choose, the first and most important step for any newcomer looking to access language services would be to visit a Language Assessment Centre. These assessment centres will help you determine what your CLB is and will let you know which of the language programs would be best suited for you. Once you are ready, book your appointment to get started.

Learn more about the language services available. Get started now by submitting a request through Compass to Connect for any of the available language programs!

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