Canada Day Celebrations & Citizenship Classes

Date: June, 2022

Did you know? Becoming a Canadian citizen comes with many benefits such as access to restricted employment, the opportunity to vote and run for political office, and the freedom to travel with a Canadian passport.

Compass to Connect program offers you free and online classes to prepare for your Canadian Citizenship. In the Canadian Citizenship test preparation sessions, participants learn about the Canadian government system, Canadian history, and geography, as well as how to prepare for the citizenship test required to obtain Canadian citizenship status. Process of citizenship application, interview tips, ceremony & oath, citizenship rights and responsibilities, practice quizzes/tests, there may be an option to meet with a citizenship judge online to answer questions about the test.

The following services are available for you to access when you sign up with

Citizenship and Immigration: Information on how to apply for Canadian Citizenship, learn about the eligibility criteria, find out the documents needed, and information on how to prepare and study for the citizenship test.

Help with Filling out Forms: Read and understand the forms as there may be legal requirements you need to follow, and receive support with filling out forms or completing applications needed.

English Language Training (LINC Classes): Free LINC classes can help newcomers adapt to their new communities, and get Canadian work experience, and this is required to meet the language ability for your citizenship.

Life in Canada: Find out more about living and working in Canada. Learn geography, population, diversity, economy, labour market, housing, health, education, and the Canadian lifestyle.

We are here to bring you exciting events and services at Enjoy a safe Canada Day with your family and loved ones.