Benefit from government funded classes!

Date: September, 2020

Interested in attending English classes? Looking to attend occupation specific training programs? Need computer training? IRCC funded service providers can help you achieve your goals!

English Language Training (LINC Classes)

LINC classes are free for newcomers looking to learn English. Enhance your communication skills while learning more about the Canadian culture and values.

Family Literacy Program

As newcomer students, your entire family can enjoy class activities to improve your English skills and learn other useful information.

Milestones to Employment (for Visible Minority Women)

Little or no previous work experience needed! In-class training and job placement available. Opportunities in the high-demand Commercial Cleaning and Institutional Food Service industries.

Career Pathways for Women

Get access to the Canadian marketplace in this program designed for visible minority newcomer women. Classroom style training will be provided to help you become successful in the Canadian workforce.

Computer Training

Resources available to help you learn the basics of computers. Topics could include basic computer skills, keyboard training, Microsoft Office training, and more.

Access over 60 IRCC funded services in your preferred language available near you, including:·

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