A personal guide to education in Canada

Date: September, 2022

Where do I look for schools for my children? Are there free certificate courses for me? I was a professional in my home country, how can I continue in the same profession in Canada? These are some of the questions newcomers to Canada have in mind. Compasstoconnect.ca has compiled the following free services funded by the government to help you get started on education for you and your children.

Education System in Canada

Obtain information about the educational systems throughout Canada. You will learn about different curriculums, schedules, and other general information on the educational systems. Also, go through the options of the different types of schools available.

Elementary/High School Registration

Receive assistance with registering your children for elementary, middle, or high school. This service allows you to understand the process and register your children to the schools with proper documents.

Foreign Credential Recognition Loan Program

Program for individuals who have previously been a professional or tradesperson in their home country and would like to continue working in that field here in Canada. Further support for individuals who need to undergo this process by providing a competitive low-interest loan and career counselling to help you meet your goals.

Education Information and Referrals

Learn more about the Canadian culture in schools and the different types of education you can receive and attend information sessions about different post-secondary schools and programs offered.

Language Assessment Centres

A language assessment is required before signing up for any language programs. This is free for newcomers who want to receive language training where clear attainment benchmarks are being used by trainers and assessors.

English Language Training (LINC Classes)

Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC Classes) is a free program designed to help newcomers improve their overall communication skills and help them become more engaged within their communities. Courses include language and communication skills, and also teach students about Canadian culture and values, and how to develop their soft skills. LINC classes can help newcomers adapt to their new communities, and get Canadian work experience.

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